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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 5, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thoughts and prayers to all of the men and women there. our coverage continues with "your world with neil cavuto." neil: all right, shepard, thank you very much. i am neil cavuto, and we are getting more about the shooting at fort hood in texas. we have had reports of up to as many as 30 people killed. the military police locking down the base, nobody allowed in, nobody allowed out. local schools are also in lockdown. fbi agents are said to be looking at anything that could be unfolding, as we speak. we are told, as well, that the president of the united states has been notified. a guest joins us on the telephone. we are putting together a lot of unclear pieces, but, colonel, what is racing through your mind? >> it is a tragic situation,
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neil. clearly, we have a situation of multiple shooters on a military institution. the security is always very tight. i do not see, having been in the military and just having walked out of the pentagon, literally, where you have our people ready, anticipating these types of actions. we are a country at war. this particular site that the senator talked about moments ago on fox news is a site where we were preparing men and women to go to places like iraq and afghanistan. they are, of course, in a high state of concern. their families are cheerful. they know the an argument. most of them have probably come from a tour in iraq -- their families are fearful. it could be disenchanted soldiers. it could be a variety of people.
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but just understand that the people who are on that base, soldiers, understand what it is like to be fired at. their actions are going to be very prudent. they are going to know what to take care of people with gunshot wounds. unlike the peacetime cold war era where we had people who did not know how to deal with this, these people know how to be calm under fire, and, unfortunately, obviously, we have baclood on te ground. neil: security, i imagine, is very tight, getting through there, even close to there. i would imagine that is even quite a process. could you clue me in on that? >> certainly, it is. if you do not have the identification to get you in the front gate -- they do periodic checks, especially if you have
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not been an employe you cleared previously. -- they do periodic checks. especially if you have not been any employee -- an employee who was previously cleared, they are going to check. it is not uncommon to see people walking around with guns, so if, by chance -- we do not know at this point -- but if the shooters were dressed as soldiers or were soldiers, they would blend in, even if they were carrying guns. it is not all that familiar to the civilian population, but to a military, and military at war at the largest post in the united states, that is a very common sight -- to a military, a military at war. neil: in iraq and in
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afghanistan, so the population there, close to 31,000, we are told -- the bottom line, we are told this is a huge complex. you mentioned, colonel, if i could indulge you one last time, soldiers seeing soldiers, there would be nothing unusual about seeing soldiers coming up to the facility and armed, but is there a procedure for screening them? >> there is a procedure, and they should not have magazines in their weapons, which would be a dead giveaway, neil, and, clearly, someone who should not have a weapon -- there are so many variables here. i feel that it is dangerous to speculate at this point.
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clearly, we have good medical people. the soldiers have been trained on how to provide combat assistance because they have been for the most part in combat. they know how to counter the fire. they know how to duck and try to disarm someone. i am sure there are going to be a lot of heroes on the grounds, because they understand the dire circumstances they are in, -- a lot of heroes on the ground. they understand the dire situation that they face. they know how to care for their own, and it is important for the american people to know that we go through this, unfortunately, at every single day, where we have to notify people whose family members have been killed -- unfortunately, every single day, where we have to notify people whose family members have
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been killed. neil: we do appreciate your expertise. also on the telephone with us right now -- in person, i am told, senator kay bailey hutchison. senator, you know this area well, this region well. anything you can tell us? >> yes, i do know the area. it is a huge base. right now, there are probably 35,000 people there. it is just a base that has a lot of deployments going to iraq and afghanistan. they have been a very active base in supporting our military, in iraq and afghanistan. i talked to one of the generals there just a few minutes ago, and their information is very sketchy, but he confirmed seven dead, but he said there were probably 30 injured at this point, and they were not positive that it was a military
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person, although the two people he confirmed, when is wounded, by the military police. he is in custody, or that one is in custody, and the other was still at large at the time in the building, so, of course, they are trying to get information, and they are going to try to make a public statement as soon as they have enough information to do so. neil: senator, what do you make of reports that fbi agents were en route to make sure that -- i hope i get this right -- there were no further killings. do you remember the fbi ever getting itself and vaults, shooting or otherwise, at a military operation -- do you remember the fbi ever getting itself involved? >> no, i do not. they have a number of people who know how to deal with this type of situation in the military,
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and there are military police now, i am sure, who are trying to make sure that no one else has arms, where this might break out somewhere else, and they will be caring for their wounded. they have great facilities their act fort hood to take care of the wounded, and i know they are doing that and trying to notify families. they have cleared the general public. they have cleared all of the schools in the area. there are no schools on the base. 50,000 members of the military, so you know how big an operation it is. neil: senator, one last question. the compound itself, the buildings and structures spread out over this area, do they each have their own security or checkpoints? the reason i ask is that the first reports were of one gunman who was apprehended, another
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gunman at large. there is talk of a third gunman. do you know whether there are, indeed, multiple checkpoints? once you get in, you are cleared, and you get a little further in, and you are cleared again? >> i know that to get on the base, we do have to have an id. now, there are civilians and police to work there, as well, in addition to the roughly 50,000 troops -- there are civilians who work there, as well. i do not know that that would be the case, particularly in the building where this happened. the processing center, i do not know that you would have to have another clearance after you would be cleared to be on the base. neil: all right, senator, i know you have a hectic schedule
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yourself, and we appreciate your taking the time. >> our hearts go out to everyone there, and we will want to help the families very much. neil: all right, a general is on the telephone with us right now. we are getting some folks on the ground there to try to get an idea of what is going on. general, we do not even know at this point for sure how many shooters were involved, but if it were more than two, what could that tell you? >> well, neil, it tells you two things. first of all, these guys had m- 16 rifles, and secondly, there is more than two, so that tells you that there had to be some kind of plan, execution-style event, so it could have been a small group of disgruntled soldiers or a terrorist group. to your point about access to
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fort hood. you do not need to have a military i.d.. all you need is a driver's license. once you get on there, you can go anywhere, and is processing center is open to virtually anybody going in -- and the processing center is open to virtually anybody going in. it would have been very easy -- neil: so if i came up there, i mean, they would just let me through? >> yes, sure would. neil: what would i have to show? >> nothing, because you've already shared your id at the post, and it is huge. it has got 40,000 and more civilians. neil: we should stress that it is a post. once i get through the main entrance, in general, and then i
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would be checked for weapons? >> no, not necessarily. it depends on the alert status for the base, but if you have a civilian driver's license and registration, normally you are not searched, unless there is a reason. most posts, you just drive on, or if there is a search of the vehicle, which they do sometimes, they just open up the trunk. the guards at the post are civilian, not military, for the most part. neil: the guards are civilians? >> yes. neil: duke guards have weapons? >> they are pissed off, -- dude the guards have weapons? -- do the guards have weapons?
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>> they have pistols. neil: the president has been notified, and they are keeping up with the developments at fort hood. major garrett. >> we are told that the president was notified of the reports initially of seven dead at fort hood and multiple woundings. robert gibbs told the president that. a situation room team is monitoring the situation, relaying developments, not only as needed to be president, but to the senior staff, because not every bit of information necessarily has to go to the president himself, but it goes to the senior staff so they can coordinate, but the pentagon, in response, the justice department, other agencies --
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with the pentagon, he white house senior staff, and if necessary, up to the president -- a key white house senior staff, and if necessary, up to the president -- key white house senior staff. neil: you have got a lot of folks involved in trying to track down what happened there to make sure it is not spreading. this looks obviously pretty involved. >> obviously pretty and vaults, neil, and there is a well understood and well orchestrated progress -- obviously pretty involved, neil, and there is a well understood and well orchestrated process. this information is shovel to senior staff, and when the biggest decisions need to be
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made, it goes to the president -- this information is shoveled to senior staff. first and foremost, what they want to accomplish at the white house is get the most correct information, the most accurate information, give it to the people who have to make decisions in the field and elsewhere, and keep the president apprised at every step. neil: we are getting some of the first crown shots -- ground shots of fort hood. it is the largest such post anywhere in the world, and as far as installations go, the largest installation of any sort in the united states. for those of you just tuning in, this began about 1:30 p.m. eastern time, when personnel reported of a shooting, and the
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facility was outside a processing center. there is a separate shooting, we are told, only a couple of minutes later on the other side of the complex, and then we are getting word that it was an entirely different side of fort hood. the shooter involved at this acprocessing center has been apprehended. at least one other shooter has not, and there are other reports that you may have heard about prior of a third shooter. obviously, something that would involve more than two shooters obviously has some planning and a lot more to it than just an attack tied to a graduation which, was, in fact going on at fort hood today.
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there is a woman who is at fort hood, and she is in the middle of that lockman. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us -- she is in the middle of that lockdown. what can you tell us? >> i am inside a building about one block away from that center. neil: did you hear anything? what were people telling you? what? >> i did not hear anything. we were just told that there was a shooting and had to get inside. everything i know is from the local news. neil: i see, i see. how many are there with you right now? >> about 20. we are in a room with a big
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television, but there are people in the hallway. neil: is there a lot of commotion around you, sarah? >> not really. we were supposed to be released at 3:00, but that is not going to happen now. neil: it appears calm. you are just waiting to get the green light to leave? >> yes. neil: ok, sarah, do you work at the facility? >> i just got on post about three days ago. i was actually in that building earlier this morning. so is a little scary. -- it is a little scary. neil: be well. thank you very, very much. on the telephone with us is a
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former military police officer at fort hood. what can you tell me? >> well, sir, first off, you guys are correct in saying that is the largest military installation. i wanted to make it known to the general public that they do train day in and day out. i was stationed there from 2000 to to 2004. day in and day out, we trained for active-shooters in areas -- stationed there from 2002 to 2004. we are obviously trained. day in and day out, we trained for active-shooter scenarios.
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they go in and try to take it over, see what they can get done. they test the security at the base, and they basically go from there. neil: christian, i assume fort hood authorities will be having a press conference in about 10 or 15 minutes. we will bring that to you. it was said earlier that the security there is not as tight as you would suspect. you seem to be saying otherwise. you do have to show id, that it is a lot stricter than we were told earlier. >> not to downplay, yes, especially since 9/11. of course, i was there one year later, and i can tell you as a military police officer assigned
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to the primary law enforcement entity as far as the military is concerned, there on that post, they have the first calvary division. they have their own military police. you have the fourth infantry division. they have their own military police. and then you also have the third armored corps. neil: kristin, i apologize in advance for a series of stupid questions -- christian. you have weapons. can you just walk through? i know you cannot have an active magazine with you, but how is it strange? >> when you get up to the date, you can get on only if you have a past -- when you get up to the gate. when you go to the main gate, you have to register your
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vehicle, say how long you will be there, who you are going to see, and if you are military personnel, you have to write down the area you are going to. if you are a civilian, you also have to give a cname. fort hood does have a hunting area there. you have hunter's there. -- hunters there. from time to time, someone will have a personal weapon. it is a standard practice for any type of civilian law enforcement. if you have it within the vehicle, it cannot be within reach and has to be unloaded. neil: one more thing, and i know you have to go, but they are checked, right? >> it is a very strict procedure. now, i can tell you that due to
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manpower and the needs of the world right now, we did relinquish a lot of our law enforcement to the dod, which the military police are not picking up as much of their responsibility as they used to -- as much of the responsibility as they used to. neil: all right, thank you. we were hearing from catherine herridge. this is not to say we know exactly what was behind it or even how many were behind it. we've heard reports of at least two shooters. there are other reports of maybe a third. this is why we are not overly conjecturing here, but, again, sources telling our catherine herridge that it does not look like it would be something that is terrorist related.
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joining us is congressman joe wilson from south carolina. congressman, i had you here yesterday for very different circumstances, and i appreciate your being here today. you are and aren't services committee member. this is an unusual event -- you are an armed services committee member. >> i do have the highest regard for the military police. i served in the army reserve and army national guard. i worked with the military police, and, neil, they are such professionals. i want to assure the loved ones ant fort hodod that you have the best in the world. i am also confident of the fact that the hospital there will be one of the best in the world with some of the best trauma care physicians in the world.
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i have sons serving in the armed forces, so i have a real deep interest in what is going on at fort hood. neil: congressman, it is the largest such post in the world. when fully staffed, all soldiers' families accounted for, it can come to over 60,000. it is down right now because so many are serving abroad in iraq and afghanistan. now, they were going to be having a graduation ceremony later today. in fact, it would have happened already. have you heard anything from any of your sources, people that you talked to, that any of this was pegged to that graduation ceremony? >> we will find out. we have graduations, so i know that, neil, there are thousands
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of family members fathat come, moms, dads, siblings, but people should know that we have the best military police in the world. neil: ok, we are getting other reports that the fbi appears to be ruling out terrorism at this point, and i do not want to say that in a blanket way, but catherine herridge is saying that they were thinking there was no terrorism nexus. that is not being discussed. when you know how the fbi would know that so conclusively prove -- would you know how the fbi would know that so conclusively provy? >> they can count on the military police. neil: but there is nothing
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unusual for the fbi does early in the going to effectively be ruling out terrorism? >> one of my sons was an mp, so i do know how capable they are. they will secure the base and protect the population to the best of their ability with the highest professionalism. neil: ok, judiciously answered. thank you, congressman. we appreciate it. this is an area, killeen, texas, no stranger to violence. there was the killing outside the cafeteria i think back in 1991, 36 people, i believe, killed and then, not based related, but very familiar. -- 36 people, i believe, killed
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back then. >> i believe it was 23 people killed in that incident. while we are hearing is that they have, in deeds, arrested one person in connection with the shooting, described as a 40- year-old male -- they have, indeed, arrested one person, and we still are hearing reports about that third shooter possibly being out there. they are periodically sounding sirens and giving alerts for people to remain inside, so that would indicate to me -- neil: they are still doing that now? >> that was half an hour ago. i have been on the telephone for half an hour. that may have seized in the last half-hour. neil: i appreciate that information -- that may have ceased in the last half hour. neil: i appreciate that
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information. >> some were taken to our military hospital here. those are the casualties that we can number, and we are hearing as many as 30. the army will not give us an official number on that as of yet. neil: do we know the one shooter that was apprehended, military? nonmilitary? >> we are not getting that. our reporter gave us a a little information on that -- gave us a little information on that, but i do not feel comfortable giving them out. we are told that the people who were taken -- at least some of the victims or confirm to the military, because they were wearing uniforms. -- were confirmed to be
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military. some of the people were stuck in the lock down, so they were not able to get around. -- in the lockdown, so they were not able to get around. we have not heard any recent reports. we heard one, as you had, that there was a separate shooting. that second shooter was, apparently, surrounded by a swat team in a building, and that is the last we heard about that. we do not know how that ended up. and the third shooter, we heard unconfirmed reports, different people calling in, giving us tips on that, but we have not been able to confirm that either. neil: you have been a big, big
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help, and i am sorry we had to put you on hold for so long. you got a lot of homework done. >> security out there, it is a lot easier to get on than it used to be, and they do do car searches, but it is a civilian force that they have out there working, contract labor. neil: we will follow up on that. the earliest best we had was saying that it is certainly not impossible to get on -- the earlier guest we had on was saying that, that it was not like it was after 2001. >> that is true. they went through a period after 9/11 where it was tiger, and it has relaxed somewhat, at least for the working press -- after 9/11, where it was tighter.
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they are having the public involved in activities out there at fot hood, -- at fort hood, and they have relaxed it some. neil: you think it would be like fort knox, but if you are right, and others are confirming what you are saying here, not that you can just walk through the place, but it is not under lock and key. >> there are visitors passes. if you want to be on for an extended length of time, then you usually have to tell the guard at the gate exactly where you are going, and they do search your car pretty thoroughly. they do check your id to make sure it is a valid driver's license, because that is all you need to get on, but when i first
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moved here in the late 1970's, it was a very open process. you could just drive on. they had mp's who would essentially wave you through, and after 9/11, it became extremely tight. i would not go so far to say that they have lax security out there. they have a fairly large mp contingency out there, others around the post, so i would not say that what happened today was a result -- there will be a thorough investigation, and we are dirty details on that, and i understand that -- we are getting details on that, and understand that fort hood will be giving a press conference is in. neil:-- giving a press conferene
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soon. neil: thank you. former white house press secretary dana perino joining me now. you hear about an incident now at a military post. guide me through it. >> well, a couple of things would happen, at least from the standpoint of the press secretary. one of the first things you are going to be asked is has the president of the united states, the commander in chief, been informed, and sometimes you are the person to be notifying the president. as major garrett was reported, robert gibbs had gone in. that gives you an ability to make sure that he knows but also let the press know that the commander in chief knows, and they are probably, as major garrett said, gathering information. they are probably gathering in the situation room, and
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everything is put on hold because you have a tragedy here. they are probably not worried about the health-care vote on saturday. this has intervened, and this is a terrible tragedy. they are going to try to make sure they are not passing on any information that has not fully been -- a lot of times, first reports are wrong, so you want to make sure you have accurate information and that you're giving the president all that he needs. neil: again, you know this process better than i, -- what do you make of that? >> i hope that that is true. they must have some reason for believing that i understand one of the shooter's is in custody, so perhaps they already know -- they must have some reason for believing that. i understand one of the shooters is in custody. if it was terrorism related, i
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think people are thinking about their maybe more to come -- there may be more to come. neil: we do not want to over-c omfort them either. >> perhaps, again, i think maybe they have identified them. i am not positive, but i do not believe the fbi would have said that lightly. i think they would have been very sure before they said that. neil: last question. is it fair to say that the pace of information making its way to the white house, the president, is faster than what we are getting? he knows a lot more than we know? >> sometimes, you learn about events from the media first. sometimes, that happens, but you
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can imagine right after that, he has a direct line to the secretary of defense and then to the officials at fort hood, and i am sure that they will try to get as much information to reporters in the briefing room as soon as possible to get the public informed. neil: thank you. this is at the army base, fort hood, outside killeen, texas, and we are waiting for authorities at the scene. meanwhile, major garrett at the white house and the latest they are hearing from there. >> good afternoon, neil. president obama will address the situation unfolding at fort hood at about 5:00 when he is giving remarks at a conference that has been held all day at
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the department of interior, said just about 5:00, the president will conclude that -- so just about 5:00, the president will conclude that and let us know what he knows about the situation unfolding at fort hood. neil: very early on, the fbi seems to have indicated that there is not a terrorism nexus involved here. is that typical, so quickly to confirm that? >> i am not an expert on the fbi procedures on the quickness of it or the apparent quickness of it, but, obviously, in a post- 9/11 world, that is a question as they coordinate a response to whatever it is they are responding to, and if they can eliminate that early on, then that allows them to focus their efforts and focus their
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resources in a different way. if you cannot answer that, it becomes a much larger -- broader law enforcement net. those are preliminary questions that the fbi and state and local law enforcement try to answer as quickly as they can, and if they can answer in the negative, meaning to rule it out, then they can focus their efforts differently. that is a general statement about how the fbi responds. if they have ruled it out, they want to rule it out. they always want to rule it out as quickly as they can. neil: all right, major garrett, thank you. we do not know what happened here or white and the series of events, but we do know that seven people are dead at a minimum -- we do not know what happened here or why.
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the fbi is saying no terrorism. one person was at this fort, and it is very good to have you, sir. what do you know about its safety, procedures? >> when i was there, we've locked down for -- we locked it down previously. if you drive through, you have to share your military i.d., and if you are not military, he read a different way to go in, and you get your driver's license -- if you are not military, you go in a different way, and and you have your driver's license. -- you go in a different way,
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and you have your driver's license. neil: soldiers see soldiers, soldiers with weapons, seeing soldiers with weapons. do you remember, congressman, or is there a procedure, was there one, for separating the two? >> yes, you just cannot drive around with weapons in your car. when you are attached to a company, you check your weapon in the weapons room. certainly, if you are going to be going hunting at fort hood, there is a procedure for that, but people are just not walking around -- not just walking around with weapons. it is usually attached to
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military maneuvers or something like that. neil: ok, congressman, we are getting reports now of nine dead, up from seven. obviously, there is a change of command -- a chain of command as to how this is reported. but if there were separate shootings at separate sites, and there was talk of something that might have been planned, what goes through your mind, knowing the facility as you do? >> as a former federal prosecutor at that facility, first, obviously, you have the mp's and cid, and you will have the u.s. attorney coming down from waco to participate in that investigation. they will try to figure out whether or not there was some kind of conspiracy here, whether that will be an additional charge. right now, we just do not know,
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but i can say, neil, fort hood is the largest in the united states. there is a lot of places that you can enter and exit fort hood that are not military checkpoints, albeit difficult. it is a very huge post outsidfe oe of waco and austin, texas. neil: the largest of its kind in the world, certainly the largest operation period in the united states, so there is the question of how something like this could happen at a place like this and whether security was breached at not only one checkpoint but potentially several others. for what it is worth, the fbi is
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saying no terrorism was involved here, but, again, it is back to this facility and how these buildings interrelate, the soldiers center, and we are getting reports of separate shootings, and it could have spread over another building area, and our own jamie colby knows is quite well. she worked there for a couple of months, right -- jamie colby knows this quite well. >> i was based at fort hood and had a chance to experience almost every one of those checkpoints, and what came to me that i wanted to bring up is how easy it is to buy military garb, including badges. there are so many of post and on where you can buy these and basically put yourself into uniform and look very much like a member of the army -- there
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are so many off post and on. there are things that an army man or woman has to buy, and i easily could have walked through one of those security gates dressed like that, and the other thing is, and i have seen this and other posts that i have been too, there are civilians at those gates. you can gain access. in my particular case, i did get known there after several visits, and i usually had something at the gate so they were expecting me, but as you have heard, there are other ways to get on post. neil: jamie colby, hang on a second. catherine herridge can update us on this fbi no terrorism --
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they seem to be clarified that point somewhat. what are you hearing? >> -- they seem to be clarifying that point somewhat. what are you hearing? >> what i am hearing consistently from all of these people is that the information is very preliminary, so preliminary that they cannot reach any conclusions as to the individuals or the motives, but at this time, they are saying there is no connection. all of that could change in the coming hours as there are more developments. now, what they're going to be looking at right now, a specific, the fbi is trying to determine what the cause of this is, whether it was a lone wolf attack by somebody in the military, or whether it may be something to take us closer to the terrorism side of the spectrum.
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if there was more than one shooting, were they coordinated in some way? what was the motivation? was it an ideology? , was it more than that? at this stage, -- was it an ideology? was it more than that? there may well surfaced that type of information, though it is not out in the public debate at this time -- there may well surface that type of information, though it is not out in the public at this time. i do not think i need to remind you, neil, we have had a half dozen or so cells recently broken up. they are not necessarily connected with a headquarters. they are acting rather independently. and that these types of events, like we have seen at fort hood,
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they can be virtually impossible to prevent. people in the intelligence community are going through this at this hour as they try to discern what happened a couple of hours ago in texas. neil: in this case, the army is our sole source of information on this, and right now, the army has, again, raised the number of the confirmed dead to 9. we are going to lose catherine herridge, and she is checking in with a lot of folks. nine dead, 27 injured. what we are waiting for in the next summit seconds is that president obama is going to be talking about what happened at fort hood, and shortly after he speaks, authorities at fort hood will be speaking.
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this is the largest such post not only in united states but in the world -- and whether the security was lax. let's go to this. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> can i get the lieutenant- general's name one more time? >> bob. cone. >> how does that sound? >> are you hearing it? >> yes, i can hear you. >> hello? hello? hello?
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neil: this general cone is apparently going to be speaking. all of this happens and of little more than three hours ago, a shooter, maybe two shooters -- all of this happened a little more than three hours ago. we do not know if they came in through separate checkpoints or entrances. we do know that these security points are not what they were, certainly not what they were after 9/11, when everyone was screaming very thoroughly, including the most familiar military bases -- when everyone was screened very thoroughly. we have a guest on the telephone. when this press conference starts, what do you want to hear? >> the first thing i want to hear is that the base is
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absolutely secure, especially the personnel and families that are there. we then went details that can calm down the rest of the people. -- we then want details. neil: i am going to interrupt you and go to the general right now. >> at approximately 1:30 today, a shooter entered what we call the soldier readiness facility, where soldiers getting ready to deploy go for check ups and treatment. a shooter open fire -- opened fire. that person was killed. at this time, we are looking at 12 dead and 31 wounded. they are dispersed among the local hospitals in this area in texas. the extent of the injuries
4:52 pm
varies significantly, and, again, we are getting great cooperation from the texas medical facilities. as i said, the shooter was killed. he was a soldier. we since then have apprehended two additional soldiers who are suspects, and i would go into the point that there were eyewitness accounts that there may have been more than one shooter. they tracked the suspected individuals to an adjacent facility, and they were apprehended. they are soldiers, but they are suspects at this time, and we are looking at that. the challenge that we are facing right now is that the installation is locked down, and in many cases, a lot of our facilities and families are in there, and we are making the call right now to determine if the information is at a conclusion such that we can release people and get them back to their homes. it is locked down right now, and we will air on the side of
4:53 pm
caution in making sure the situation is stabilized -- we will err on the side of caution. there was the initial incident which took place at 1:30 at the soldier readiness facility. the individuals involved were u.s. soldiers. that is correct. >> was there somebody arrested -- >> i only know what is going on ant fort hod. -- fort hood. it is a terrible situation. people are devastated. >> what was the motive for the shooting? >> we do not know that right now. this is all under investigation. we need to make sure that we of clarity to make sure.
4:54 pm
>> where the 12-shot in the same area, or where they spread out -- were the 12 who were shot in the same area? >> it is the same general area. for those of you know, it is the old sports dome area. both of the weapons that the shooter had were handguns. >> did he reload? >> we do not have that degree of fidelity right now. right now, we are meeting with commanders. there were no children. the local police response forces were there relatively quickly.
4:55 pm
we have one police officer among the dead. i believe it was a civilian police officer. we have both contracts and military police here, and i believe he was civilian which we have of contract -- we have a contract -- both contracts and military police here -- contract and military police. one of the key point is that we want people to go inside until we can determine what is happening. i think we are very close to making that determination, but we are not willing to call all clear at this point. we mobilized soldiers from different places, and, again, we are in the process of confirming that. i do not want to go into much more. we will have a subsequent press conference. >> or rwhere were they
4:56 pm
apprehended? >> in the vicinity of the soldier readiness center. i want to express my condolences to the soldiers, the families, and the civilians in this great community in central texas. this is a tragedy, but we will work through it. neil: all right, "we are not ready to call all clear at this point," but we know this involved a u.s. soldier that a little after 1:30 p.m. today started shooting soldiers at this facility. we have for a great deal about this soldier readiness facility that serves such a crucial role for not only incoming soldiers but those who leave the facility to go far away, iraq,
4:57 pm
afghanistan. this soldier has killed 12 people, and i believe he was counted among the dead. 31 wounded. the shooter killed, he was a soldier. not know at the involvement of others in this, whether either or both were shooters, but we do know people are being questioned. lieutenant-general bob cone was discussing today's tragic developments. at this point, they think that they are very close to getting the clear. it has been locked down for the better part of this afternoon. this involves more than 30,000 people at this facility, down significantly from the high, since so many are serving
4:58 pm
abroad, particularly in iraq and afghanistan. our previous guest joins us. a u.s. soldier involved. what do you think of that? >> one of the things that they really look at is what al qaeda has been wanting to do for many years, and that is to have people analyst -- enlist or get commissioned and become moles. that is what the fbi and military police will look at, and it is not necessarily an islamic mole attack. the fbi will look at that. neil: it all happened at one time. in other words, the shootings, killings, they all happened at the same time, not sporadically.
4:59 pm
the shooter was killed. we do not have his name. we know there are other soldiers. the lockdown is still in effect. are these things generally in effect because they want to make sure there are not others involved? or what? >> exactly. they want to make very sure no others are involved. at fort hoood -- they it have activity to make sure this is not happening at other places -- they have activity to make sure this is not happening at other places, as well. neil: ok, at those other facilities, what do you think they are doing? >> they are locking down gates, and they are also looking at any area


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